From Romania with Love

From Romania with Love


Twenty-two years ago the world was shocked by television footage of Romanian orphans huddled, rocking and filthy in squalid dormitories. The children were casualties of the brutal regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Three hundred orphans were adopted by British families and cameras follow three young people as they try to establish contact for the first time with their Romanian birth parents, including student Will (23), who writes a letter to his Romanian mum, who he’s never known. “Where do you even begin?” he asks.


In the early 1990s, news reports detailing how thousands of Romanian children had been abandoned in orphanages inspired many British families to adopt youngsters from the country. Twenty years after they were given new lives in the UK, this documentary follows three of those people as they try to track down their biological relatives, including Nicci from Bournemouth who is hoping to find the brother who remained there when she left her homeland.