Child of Our Time

Growing Up

Series 10 - Episode 1 Growing Up



The 25 children BBC1 has been following since their birth in 2000 are now teenagers, a period of transition that many parents find difficult. As mum Alison says, “Our relationship is changing but it’s me that mourns that. Parys doesn’t at all.” Alastair, father to identical twins Ivo and Alex, says, “These are the golden moments right now and then there’s a sadness because childhood is about the loss of those moments because things are changing so much.”

It’s fascinating, especially if you’ve been following since the start, because you feel you’re getting to know the children personally. More tomorrow.


Part one of two. Professor Robert Winston presents the documentary following the development of children born at the start of the millennium, charting the youngsters' progress as they prepare to become teenagers. The programme reveals how they have coped with the transition to secondary education and focuses on the physiological and biological changes they are experiencing, from mood swings and body-image issues to simply trying to fit in.