Exterminating Angel

Series 14 - Episode 191 Exterminating Angel



As if a septuagenarian love triangle wasn’t unusual enough, today’s story has a twist I doubt any viewer will see coming. When Anitta (Elizabeth Counsell) finds Ralph (Eamon Boland) in bed with Carol (Enid Dunn), she’s so furious she attempts to poison him.

However, after she is questioned by Rob at the police station, it seems her motive is not simply jealousy that he’s sleeping around.

Meanwhile, after a busy day at the Mill, Al persuades Jas to come round to his house for the evening — and Mrs Tembe gets an invitation from Gordon. He insists he just wants to know her as a friend, but she’s not convinced.


A domestic disturbance takes a sinister turn as Rob arrives at the scene to find himself caught up in a love triangle. Meanwhile, Al is eager to spend the evening with Jas, and Mrs Tembe is invited to the vicarage for dinner. Medical drama, starring Chris Walker.