Bank of Dave: Fighting the Fat Cats

Bank of Dave: Fighting the Fat Cats



Remember Dave Fishwick, the self-made millionaire from Burnley who started his own community bank? He was the documentary discovery of 2012, a force for good amid the murky world of mis-selling, rate-fixing banks, and a brilliantly entertaining screen presence, roaring around in his Range Rover singing, “We built this city on rock ’n’ roll!”

Now he’s back, and you can’t help loving his terrier-like energy as he
again takes on the establishment (the FSA and its regulations), playing
The Magnificent Seven theme on his phone to psych himself up for meetings
and refusing to be bullied (“Bollocks to ’em!”).

Dave’s model is not fancy: he gives savers five per cent interest, lends their money to local firms and gives profits to charity. No wonder the FSA wants to squash him. But as Dave discovers, there is somewhere where his model of small-town banking is widely accepted: Germany.


In July last year, minibus dealer David Fishwick tried to open his own bank in Burnley, Lancashire, and make it profitable in just six months. His scheme was praised by politicians and locals alike, but not everyone was a fan, and he experienced problems persuading the Financial Services Authority to grant a banking licence. This one-off programme reveals whether David managed to stay open for business and beat the high-street giants at their own game.