Her Majesty's Prison - Aylesbury

Her Majesty's Prison - Aylesbury

Series 1 - Episode 2



It used to be a point of honour in Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution that inmates didn’t attack female prison officers. Those days are gone, as we see in crunching detail when a woman staff member is head-butted by a prisoner.

There are many flashes of violence in Aylesbury, some more sustained than others. One young man paces his segregation cell with a towel over his head as he hunts for anything he can use to harm himself. Staff are worried he’s a suicide risk and he is under constant observation. Another prisoner wants a transfer, and his disruptions escalate until he stages a dirty protest. It’s a shocking, sobering film with footage of violent attacks taken from the prison’s CCTV.


Concluding the documentary filming five months of life at the young offenders' institution in Buckinghamshire, where officers try to keep control of some of Britain's most dangerous criminals, including murderers, rapists, gangsters and paedophiles. Struggling to come to terms with their sentences, many of the inmates take out their frustrations on the staff, and those who cannot handle the harsh environment are given refuge in the `poor copers' wing'. Narrated by Paul McGann.