Dancing on the Edge

Dancing on the Edge

Series 1 - Episode 5



Stephen Poliakoff’s brittle period piece has been dazzling, like an opulently framed photograph that’s captured a brief, heady moment of 20th-century British history. Of course it’s been infuriating, grappling to fill in the blanks of so many characters, but at times it’s been like breathing pure oxygen.

In this last, feature-length episode, Louis Lester (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is on the run from the police, who suspect him of murdering singer Jessie. His friends want to help (or do they? It’s hard to tell, particularly with the irritatingly blank society girl Pamela Luscombe). But Louis feels he can’t trust anyone.

There’s a very odd and lengthy escape sequence that’s so choreographed it feels like an extended, threatening waltz. Meanwhile, the palatial Imperial Hotel is losing guests because of the scandal, while the gargantuan, mysterious Mr Masterson (John Goodman) becomes increasingly obsessed by feckless Julian.


Stanley makes plans to help Louis leave the country but finds his efforts hindered when Masterson announces he is offering a substantial reward for the fugitive's capture. As the band reunites to make a getaway, Louis reveals he no longer trusts Sarah when she tries to contact him, while Julian's erratic behaviour becomes even more of a concern as he and Masterson prepare to journey to America. Drama by Stephen Poliakoff, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Matthew Goode and John Goodman. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Louis Lester Chiwetel Ejiofor
Stanley Mitchell Matthew Goode
Eric Sam Hoare
Sarah Janet Montgomery
Rosie Jenna-Louise Coleman
Masterson John Goodman
Pamela Luscombe Joanna Vanderham
Lady Cremone Jacqueline Bisset
Donaldson Anthony Head
Lady Altringham Heather Chasen
Harry Thornton Miles Richardson
Mr Wax Allan Corduner
Julian Luscombe Tom Hughes
Carla Wunmi Mosaku
Schlesinger Mel Smith
Mick Jamie Crew
Young man Calvin Dean
Gunson Gerard Horan
Deirdre Caroline Quentin
Mrs Luscombe Jane Asher
Ballet teacher Carla Mendonca
Horton David Dawson
Sarah's father Rob Edwards
Violetta Madeleine Smith
Emily Isabella Blake-Thomas
Young upper class man Leo Staar
Waitress Nicola Munns
Immigration officer Jim Conway
Director Stephen Poliakoff
Producer Faye Ward
Producer Nicky Kentish Barnes
Writer Stephen Poliakoff
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