Though Lovers Be Lost

Series 27 - Episode 24 Though Lovers Be Lost



Have you recovered from the previous episode's shock ending yet? The taxi-door kiss between Tess and Fletch opened a plot vortex not many of us want to dive into, but it must be done. And it’s a bad day for coping with romantic complications, because the flu epidemic brings wave upon wave of patients needing beds that aren’t really there.

Meanwhile, the couple whose son has leukaemia are still clashing over his care, with the dad falling into the classic Casualty category of the overstrung Mr Angry. Luckily, Ash seems to be on top of things, however heated they get, but this doesn’t endear him to Zoe – and she’s the boss.


Zoe returns from sick leave and ends up in a confrontation with Ash over his decision to keep the overstretched ED open during the flu crisis. Will she see him as too reckless to offer a permanent position? Meanwhile, Jeff must persuade a man to act in his son's best interests, and Fletch is determined to help an elderly gentleman in love. Sunetra Sarker, Patrick Robinson and Alex Walkinshaw star.
Drama Soap