Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands

What's My Future?

Series 3 - Episode 6 What's My Future?



The cameras have followed them for three months, but now it’s time for the young medics to think about their future. Some are more sure of their career than others. Second-year Kiera seems tailor-made for A&E, bustling in to pull out a bent needle that has gone straight through her patient’s thumb. While we hide behind the pillow, Kiera fetches the pliers. “It’s a bit of a sick thing to enjoy doing,” she says sheepishly.

Ed isn’t so sure where his future lies, but then again it’s hard to think about anything clearly when you’re bracing yourself for the rite of passage that is working nights.


After three months on the wards, the medics try to prove they can be independent and make vital decisions as they come to the end of their attachments. Ed endures an emergency crash bleep during his first nightshift.