The Common Denominator

The Common Denominator

Series 1 - Episode 1



The genial Phil Spencer leaves property hunting behind to host this new lateral-thinking game show. Three contestants have just ten seconds to make the connection between pairs of seemingly irrelevant clues, which can be a word, an image or both. For instance, the common denominator between “hammer” and “finger” is “nail”; between “Hilton” and “Eiffel” is “Paris”. It’s a simple, addictive concept so you can’t help playing along — though it’s hard to come up with the answer when the contestant is thinking aloud. It’s also hilarious when their stream of consciousness burps up the correct answer without them knowing it.


New series. Quiz show, hosted by Phil Spencer, in which three contestants are challenged to complete a mental assault course and find the link between seemingly unrelated clues in the hope of playing for a £10,000 jackpot.