People Like Us

Series 1 - Episode 3



Arroll and Patrick may have prepared well for their dream holiday to Kavos (and we’re talking wow brows and a diet of protein shakes here) but they obviously hadn’t reckoned on not liking their destination. “It stunk of cat p**s, cheese, yoghurt and Spam,” says Patrick, obviously not aiming for a job with Lonely Planet any time soon. But why travel overseas when there’s so much to see in Harpurhey?

In this episode, Pidge (eight arrests in seven weeks) has a stand-off with landlord Nick, while police officer Jim catches an amorous couple putting
a car’s suspension to the test. As Patrick says: “If Jeremy Kyle’s boring me, I just go to me bedroom window.”


In the Manchester suburb of Harpurhey, 21-year-old Pidge has just moved out of his mother's house for the first time and is renting a room in a shared house. However, after constant disagreements between tenant and landlord, Pidge is under the threat of eviction. Best friends Arroll and Patrick prepare to set off on a holiday to Kavos together, while 11-year-old Maddy instantly falls in love with the family dog's puppies - though father Paul is struggling to manage the hounds as well as the launderette business. Elsewhere, PC Jim Evans helps tackle one of the highest crime areas in Manchester. Narrated by Natalie Casey.