One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 8

Sun 3 Dec 10pm - 11pm Really


Jonathan (21) is kind, sweet and attentive to his pregnant partner Michelle (18). His mum died when he was 12 and he wants, more than anything, to have a family of his own. But Jonathan never shuts up and is a fund of interesting facts: ”Did you know you can use urine to brush your teeth?” he asks Michelle as she prepares to give birth. “You talk such crap,” she says fondly.

In another delivery suite at Leeds General Infirmary are Nina and Andrew, who thought their family was complete until learning that Nina was expecting twins. Their two children, ten and 14, are thrilled, once they get over their horror at the realisation their parents still have sex. It’s the most touching episode to date.


The documentary follows two expectant mothers whose unplanned pregnancies happened at very different ages. Eighteen-year-old Laura, who has developed gestational diabetes, is booked in for an early induction, but she's rushed to theatre when her baby's heartbeat drops. Meanwhile, mum-of-two Nina, 39, and Andy, 41, await a Caesareancaesareanand the arrival of their twins.

Cast & Crew

Director Sophie Waldron
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director Emily Smith
Series Producer Dominique Foster