Pie and Prejudice

Series 5 - Episode 3 Pie and Prejudice



This series just gets better and better, in a superb episode from writer Jamie Mathieson. We leave the devilish Captain Hatch behind for a week and welcome Julian Barratt as a faded weatherman channelling his inner Alan Partridge and offering Tom a new perspective on life as a werewolf. And Amanda Hale (from Ripper Street) gives an eye-opening performance as a 250-year-old ghost who’s not as ladylike as Hal thinks.

As ever, the strength in the show is the bond between our three heroes: but are the cracks beginning to show?


Tom crosses paths with charismatic werewolf Larry Chrysler, who made a success of himself as a minor TV personality. Inspired by the encounter, the plucky lad decides to clean up his act and take control of his life, but there is more to his new role model than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Hal secretly arranges a meeting with his old friend Lady Mary, a Regency-era ghost, and Alex's curiosity prompts her to tag along. Supernatural comedy drama, guest starring Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and Amanda Hale (Ripper Street).

Cast & Crew

Tom Michael Socha
Hal Damien Molony
Alex Kate Bracken
Mr Rook Steven Robertson
Larry Chrysler Julian Barratt
Lady Mary Amanda Hale
Alistair Frith Toby Whithouse
Werewolf Ruari Mears
Director Philip John
Producer Polly Buckle
Writer Jamie Mathieson
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