Series 1 - Episode 4



I could be wrong but I think the message Ricky Gervais wants us to take away from this episode is that selfishness is a bad thing. It’s a sentiment rammed home in every other scene and backed up with nuclear levels of Coldplay. As the old folk go for a trip to the seaside, sweet, selfless Hannah stays behind, because someone has to help a new resident settle in. Then the week’s glaring baddie hoves into view as a snooty relative (a former schoolmate of Hannah) daring to sneer at her job.

Would anyone, however self-centred, walk into a care home and sneer at the staff for being failures? Luckily, there are better helpings of comedy at the beach.


The retirement-home worker decides to sell some of his autographs, but struggles to remember who they belong to. Meanwhile, as a few of the residents enjoy an afternoon in the sun at the beach, manager Hannah stays behind to welcome a newcomer, and ends up wondering whether her life has turned out as she imagined. Comedy drama, written by and starring Ricky Gervais.

Cast & Crew

Derek Ricky Gervais
Hannah Kerry Godliman
Dougie Karl Pilkington
Kev David Earl
Rebecca Susannah Wise
Rebecca's mum Laura June Hudson
Vicky Holli Dempsey
Lizzie Kaye Noone
Jack Tim Barlow
Arthur Arthur Nightingale
Sheila Sheila Collings
Edna Margaret Towner
Prem Prem Modgil
Joe Barry Martin
Precious Blanche Williams
Annie Ninette Finch
Autograph expert Tom Basden
Director Ricky Gervais
Executive Producer Ricky Gervais
Series Producer Charlie Hanson
Writer Ricky Gervais
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Drama Comedy