Great British Menu

North East Starter

Series 8 - Episode 16 North East Starter



You’ll have a moment of déjà vu during this year’s North East heat because there’s the same line-up as last time — Colin McCurran, Charlie Lakin and Stephanie Moon. Then it was a disastrous experience for a teary Stephanie, but narrator Wendy Lloyd’s doom-laden announcement that “she can’t afford to lose this time” is surely overdoing it. This is only a cooking competition, for heaven’s sake.

Having said that, Charlie’s also desperate to do better. So he decides to really play up the comedy angle of his starter. Judge Jason Atherton says it “takes his breath away”. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether his outrageous presentation is a laugh or simply distasteful.


The first of the North East region heats sees returning contenders Colin McGurran, Stephanie Moon and Charlie Lakin prepare their starter for the Comic Relief banquet. Their efforts feature a tomato gazpacho and garden salad, and chicken and duck dishes, and the chefs must impress Great British Menu veteran Jason Atherton if they are to cook for Prue Leith, Matthew Fort, Oliver Peyton and guest judge Kirsten O'Brien in the regional final.