Chuck v the Alma Mater

Series 1 - Episode 7 Chuck v the Alma Mater



The spy returns to his alma mater Stanford - the university that expelled him - to help his old professor, who is also a government agent in possession of a secret file. While trying to protect him, Chuck learns a few things about himself, as well as further information about Bryce Larkin's death. Action comedy, starring Zachary Levi.

Cast & Crew

Chuck Bartowski Zachary Levi
Sarah Walker Yvonne Strahovski
John Casey Adam Baldwin
Morgan Grimes Joshua Gomez
Bryce Larkin Matthew Bomer
Ellie Bartowski Sarah Lancaster
Harry Tang CS Lee
General Diane Beckman Bonita Friedericy
CIA Director Graham Tony Todd
Professor Fleming Scott Alan Smith
Stanford librarian Phil Abrams
Devon `Capt Awesome' Woodcomb Ryan McPartlin
Lester Patel Vik Sahay
Jeff Barnes Scott Krinsky
Anna Wu Julia Ling
Special agent Ben Katz Greg Baine
Glenda Mitchell Jill Czarnowski
Kid Shawn Huang
Meathead James Lowe
Meathead 2 Vinny Chhibber
Fraternity brother Coronado Romero
Fraternity brother 2 Brandon Lim
Director Patrick R Norris
Executive Producer McG
Executive Producer Josh Schwartz
Writer Anne Cofell Saunders
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