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Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Esther Rantzen

Series 9 - Episode 1 Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Esther Rantzen



Piers Morgan launches a new run of his in-depth celebrity chats with the sainted Esther Rantzen in his hot seat. Rantzen has spoken publicly about her shame at having worked for so long at the BBC alongside Jimmy Savile, and heard “gossip” about him but not believed it. As a prominent children’s campaigner (she founded Childline and is a trustee of the NSPCC) Rantzen has also criticised the police’s ongoing Operation Yewtree – the kind of hot potato we can expect Piers to slice into.

But he will also want to explore her salad days as a presenter of long-running consumer-and-stunt-show That’s Life and the affair with her BBC boss Desmond Wilcox that became a 20-year marriage.


The broadcaster joins Piers to talk about her career, including her 21 years as the presenter of BBC consumer magazine That's Life!. She opens up about her affair with TV producer Desmond Wilcox, which led to a marriage lasting more than two decades, and recalls how his death in 2000 left her feeling bereft. Esther also tells the host how she came to found the ChildLine charity and discusses the impact of the Jimmy Savile scandal.