Complicit is a thriller, but not a sweaty, bang-crash thriller. Writer Guy Hibbert has crafted a stinging, thoughtful drama about a battle of wills between two men that will leave you as drained as if you’d sat through countless car chases.

Potentially there are many lives at stake as MI5 officer Edward Ekubo (David Oyelowo) tries to crack a suspected terrorist, Waleed Ahmed, a British citizen arrested in Egypt and accused of orchestrating an attack with the deadly poison ricin on his fellow countrymen and women. The scenes between Oyelowo and Arsher Ali as Ahmed are electrifying. Is Ahmed an innocent man, unjustly accused by an obsessed spy? Or is he guilty and playing for time by twisting British bureaucracy for his own ends as a desperate man tries to save lives?

Complicit, though a bit arty at times, is layered with moral ambiguity
and asks raw questions about justice, expediency and the use of torture.


MI5 agent Edward Ekubo has been monitoring a terror suspect for three years and is convinced an attack in the UK is imminent. Waleed Ahmed is soon tracked down and arrested in Cairo, but claims he is an innocent British citizen who has been brutally interrogated by the local police. Edward travels to Egypt to face him, confident he has enough evidence to tie him to the plot, but Waleed knows his rights and the agent is forced to wait. Meanwhile, his superiors begin to doubt he has a case at all, so with time running out, he finds himself entering into an uncomfortable alliance with the local security service, which is prepared to acquire the proof by whatever means necessary. Feature-length drama, starring David Oyelowo, Arsher Ali, Rupert Procter and Wahab Sheikh.

Cast & Crew

Edward Ekubo David Oyelowo
Waleed Ahmed Arsher Ali
Ralph Rupert Procter
Mohammed Wahab Sheikh
Majid Asheq Akhtar
Mr Akmal Kaleem Janjua
Khalil Nasser Memarzia
Katy Olivia Sparks
Thomas Paul Ritter
Lucy Denise Gough
Secretary Anna O'Grady
Judith Monica Dolan
Coffee shop owner Lee Whitlock
Anjali Shanaya Rafaat
Marcus Adam Kotz
Gareth Sebastian Armesto
Tony Coveney Stephen Campbell Moore
Moaz El Halwani Mounir Margoum
Col Hazem Ashraf Makram J Khoury
Taxi driver Farm Lemanbihi Abdellatif
Girl Zineb Samara
Waleed's solicitor Laurence Kennedy
Director Niall MacCormick
Producer Kevin Toolis
Producer Jolyon Symonds
Writer Guy Hibbert
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