A Man of My Company

Series 1 - Episode 7 A Man of My Company



Some tough Americans arrive as bodyguards to a wealthy industrialist in London for a meeting. They’re working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and their dead-eyed leader (The Sopranos’ Edoardo Ballerini) badly wants to find Pinkerton escapee Captain Homer Jackson. Captain Jackson, though, doesn’t wish to be found.

We learn more about the enigmatic Homer (Adam Rothenberg), a sexy reprobate who lives in the brothel administered by Long Susan. As a skilled pathologist he’s an invaluable right-hand man to upright DI Reid. By the end of another bloody story (be warned, there’s a teeth-gritting Reservoir Dogs moment), it looks as if Jackson’s fate is sealed.


International haulage tycoon TP Swift arrives in town to acquire an ailing shipping line, accompanied by a team of private detectives, who proceed to cut a violent swathe through the borough on a mission of vengeance. As Reid focuses on the murder of an engine inventor, Jackson and Susan's past comes back to haunt them, bringing their future in Whitechapel - and their very lives - into question. Matthew Macfadyen, Adam Rothenberg, Jerome Flynn and MyAnna Buring star.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Edmund Reid Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan MyAnna Buring
Deborah Goren Lucy Cohu
Fred Best David Dawson
Emily Reid Amanda Hale
Ch Insp Fred Abberline Clive Russell
Rose Erskine Charlene McKenna
Sgt Donald Artherton David Wilmot
PC Dick Hobbs Jonathan Barnwell
Theodore P Swift Ian McElhinney
Daniel Goldman Oliver Cotton
Frank Goodnight Edoardo Ballerini
Martha Fanthorpe Shauna Macdonald
Ezekiel Bruton Luke Allen-Gale
Joshua Fields Rod Hallett
Charlie Pinkerton Ciaran O'Grady
Bella Gillian Saker
Streetwalker Rebecca Grimes
Chief stockholder Eamon Rohan
Director Andy Wilson
Producer Stephen Smallwood
Writer Richard Warlow
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