Problems with Drink

Series 1 - Episode 6 Problems with Drink



Jessica Hynes guest stars as the impecunious and frightfully rude Lady Littlewood, who turns up at Blandings with her obnoxious son. She is in dire need of a rich husband so she fixes her beady eye on half-witted Lord Emsworth (Timothy Spall). He’s far from being marriage material; apart from being a pig-obsessed idiot, he can’t even remember her name.

It’s the last in the comedy drama series that hasn’t gone down well with Wodehouse fans. Still, with audiences of more than four million, Blandings obviously meets a need for some early-evening Sunday silliness.


Clarence is forced to wear his Sunday best for a visit by the sophisticated Lady Daphne and her spoilt brat Huxley, but when the wealthy widow flirts with the befuddled lord and even takes an interest in his pig, Beach and Connie become suspicious of her motives. Meanwhile, after having his fingers burnt too many times, Freddie has sworn off women entirely. But then he meets the glorious Monica, who works in his father's pigsty. Jessica Hynes (Twenty Twelve, Spaced) guest stars in the PG Wodehouse comedy, with Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders and Jack Farthing.

Cast & Crew

Clarence Timothy Spall
Connie Jennifer Saunders
Beach Mark Williams
Freddie Jack Farthing
Daphne Jessica Hynes
Huxley Toby Murray
Monica Simmons Emerald Fennell
Cyril Tony Maudsley
Director Paul Seed
Executive Producer Guy Andrews
Producer Spencer Campbell
Writer Guy Andrews
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