Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years War

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Breaking the Bonds 1360-1415

Series 1 - Episode 2 Breaking the Bonds 1360-1415



Enumerating the events of a century of war could be a crushingly dull affair, but Dr Janina Ramirez brings each antagonist and incident vividly to life, in some cases by getting up close with the remains of the dead. At a time when royal bones have been all over the news (Richard III), she digs back further and finds the death mask of Edward III (1377) and the mummified skull of Simon of Sudbury, the Lord Chancellor beheaded in the Peasants’ Revolt. “Poll taxes never worked for anyone,” Ramirez notes drily.

This second edition covers the period from 1360 to 1415, brings the story up to Henry V and finds Ramirez making savvy points about England in the fields of Agincourt.


Dr Janina Ramirez continues her examination of the lengthy conflict in the 14th and 15th centuries by focusing on how England lost its advantage due to the impact of the Black Death, before Henry V turned the tide at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 by crushing French forces.