Arne Dahl: Bad Blood

Arne Dahl: Bad Blood

Series 1



The clutch of Swedish detectives known, laughably, as the A-Team, are a lackadaisical bunch. There’s a serial killer on the loose who’s flown in specially from America to murder people in the most outré way imaginable (it involves the unconventional use of pliers) and what are this lot doing? Variously getting drunk and maudlin, picking up women in nightclubs, copping off with a priest and having sexy times with the wife.

The killer has given them the slip once by tricking his way onto an aircraft, after murdering a literary critic just for his plane ticket. So The A-Team’s boss Jenny Hultin nips over to the States for a chat with the FBI.


Part one of two. The A Unit races to stop an American murderer on board a plane from New York to Stockholm landing in Sweden, in the hope of preventing the country from inadvertently importing its first serial killer. In collaboration with the FBI, the team begins a desperate attempt to catch him. Swedish drama, starring Irene Lindh.

Cast & Crew

Gunnar Nyberg Magnus Samuelsson
Cleaner Cesar Sarachu
Cilla Hjelm Frida Hallgren
Dan Morner Mats Blomgren
Aarto Soderstedt Niklas Akerfelt
Jorge Chavez Matias Varela
Paul Hjelm Shanti Roney
Viggo Norlander Claes Ljungmark
Jenny Hultin Irene Lindh
Kerstin Holm Malin Arvidsson
Astrid Olofsson Sannamari Patjas
Poliskillega Staffan Kihlbom Thor
Director Mani Maserrat
Writer Rolf Borjlind
Writer Cilla Borjlind
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