The Flying Archaeologist

Stonehenge: The Missing Link

Series 1 - Episode 1 Stonehenge: The Missing Link



The invention of manned flight gave archaeologists a brand-new tool in their armoury: a fresh perspective on the effects of human activity on the landscape. In this four-part series, Ben Robinson takes to the skies over some of Britain’s most familiar areas to reveal new clues to our ancient and more recent past.

In this first episode, he explores Wiltshire, the very heartland of ancient British history. Aerial photography is helping archaeologists make surprising discoveries about the landmarks that dot the landscape there – some invisible from the ground, others, like Stonehenge, rather more obvious.


Ben Robinson flies over Wiltshire to uncover new discoveries in the Stone Age landscape of Stonehenge. Sites found from the air have led to exciting evidence that helps to explain why the monument's location was chosen and reveals at what point in history it was inhabited.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Robinson
Executive Producer Diana Hare
Producer Eddie Anderson