The Secret Life of Rockpools

The Secret Life of Rockpools


Who doesn’t like rolling up their trouser legs and having a gentle wade through rockpools while they’re at the beach? Apart from anything else, the water’s always just that little bit warmer.

Richard Fortey is certainly a fan, and it’s good to have him back on TV after last year’s stimulating series about nature’s Survivors. In what promises to be a colourful one-off, the chummy palaeontologist explores a bespoke laboratory in Plymouth, assisted by some of the UK’s foremost marine biologists.

Here and at various locations around our coast – taking care not to bump into Nick Crane and co – Fortey offers fresh insights into rockpool residents and their coping mechanisms for intertidal life.

So how have such creatures survived millions of years of Earth’s history? Well, Fortey’s forte is communication, so you’re in capable hands.


Palaeontologist Professor Richard Fortey explores the species that live within the seaside water formations, some of which have existed for millions of years. He is joined by some of the UK's leading marine biologists at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to reveal new insights into the creatures' lives.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Richard Fortey
Producer Simon Williams