Edward VIII's Murderous Mistress

Edward VIII's Murderous Mistress


This eye-opening film delivers revelations about the young Edward VIII, long before he met Wallis Simpson. And it offers a heady whiff of the permissive Paris demi-monde where Edward lost his innocence, a world of high-class call girls and ornate “maisons closes”.

The heroine is Maggie Meller, an ambitious courtesan who ended up shooting her super-rich Egyptian husband dead at the Savoy in 1923. Her subsequent trial threatened to uncover details of her affair six years earlier with the then Prince of Wales, so a classic establishment cover-up was called for.

It’s a terrific tale, like an overcooked episode of Poirot, deftly told with some very, shall we say, evocative stills. And it pulls no punches: the quotes from Edward about Italian women are enough to cause a diplomatic incident.


Documentary exploring the story behind an affair Edward VIII is said to have had before becoming king and the repercussions when the woman involved later found herself in court facing the gallows. The programme investigates claims that there was a cover-up by the Establishment to protect the future king's reputation, as well as save the life of his supposed former mistress Marguerite Meller when she was charged with murdering her husband in 1923. Narrated by Rupert Penry-Jones.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Rupert Penry-Jones
Director David Barrie
Executive Producer Simon Berthon