The Story of Are You Being Served?

The Story of Are You Being Served?


At its peak, an episode of Jeremy Lloyd’s innuendo-driven department-store sitcom could glue 22 million bums on sofas. Yet series one, which went up against Corrie, slipped by unnoticed, only acquiring a fanbase when it was re-shown. Are You Being Served? finally went off air in 1985, so sauce-starved aficionados will gobble up this clip-and-comment treat first shown on New Year’s Day 2010.

Cast, crew and writers gather to tell the back story (Lloyd got the idea from working at Simpsons of Piccadilly) and reel off anecdotes from the 13-year run. Among them is Frank Thornton, who played the punctilious Captain Peacock and died in March 2013, aged 92.


The cast, crew and writers of the much-loved TV classic about a department store look back on its 13-year run. At its peak, the sitcom - inspired by writer Jeremy Lloyd's time working at former London store Simpsons - attracted up to 22 million viewers. Alexander Armstrong narrates.

Cast & Crew

Executive Editor Samantha Peters
Producer Caroline Wright