Stargate Universe

Incursion - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 19 Incursion - Part One



Part one of two. Young tries to undo the Lucian Alliance brainwashing by interrogating Telford, who reveals the Destiny is in danger of being boarded, so the crew launches a pre-emptive attack. Meanwhile, Kiva tries to force a captive Rush to recreate a dialling programme.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle
Everett Young Justin Louis
Matthew Scott Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace David Blue
Tamara Johansen Alaina Huffman
Ronald Greer Jamil Walker Smith
Camille Wray Ming-Na
David Telford Lou Diamond Phillips
Amanda Perry Kathleen Munroe
General Jack O'Neill Richard Dean Anderson
Kiva Rhona Mitra
Director Andy Mikita
Writer Joseph Mallozzi
Writer Paul Mullie
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