Series 7 - Episode 3 Sunflower



Make the most of tonight’s Foyle — it’s the last for now. Call that a series, ITV? Three programmes? Can we have at least six next time, please, with more of Foyle and less of Sam’s husband and his shady subplots? If you need to make up the shortfall, give more scenes to the splendid Rupert Vansittart as Foyle’s florid boss at spy HQ, Sir Alec Meyerson. He has the makings of a decent long-term foil for Foyle — him, and that grim-faced spymistress by his side.

Sir Alec gives Foyle a new assignment tonight: protect an ex-Nazi who’s under cover as an art historian in London and a valuable source of intelligence on the Russians. Foyle doesn’t hide his distaste, nor does he exactly bust a gut when the German starts getting death threats. From there, the plot rolls on like one of the big, black cars they drive in 1940s London — old-fashioned lines, sturdy, discreet. If it’s a pacey ride you’re after, you’d look elsewhere but Foyle always delivers the goods in his calm way, and with some moving moments.


The detective is drawn into the strange murder of eminent art historian Professor Van Haren, who was really a former high-ranking Nazi hired by MI5 due to his expert knowledge of Soviet intelligence. Meanwhile, as Sam's husband Adam embarks on a busy career as an MP, she worries whether she will be able to share some big news with him. Crime drama set in the 1940s, starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks, with Tamzin Outhwaite and Rupert Vansittart.

Cast & Crew

Foyle Michael Kitchen
Sam Wainwright Honeysuckle Weeks
Hilda Pierce Ellie Haddington
Arthur Valentine Tim McMullan
Glenvil Harris Jeremy Swift
Sir Alec Meyerson Rupert Vansittart
Adam Wainwright Daniel Weyman
Thomas Nelson Charles Aitken
Charles Roper Richard Dillane
Karl Strasser Lars Eidinger
Brenda Stevens Tamzin Outhwaite
Lt Colonel Hoyt Jackson Colin Stinton
Mrs Jones Mary Sheen
Geoffrey Helliwell Andrew Tiernan
Dr Phillips Jimmy MacDermott
Parry-Jones David Hounslow
Miss Watkins Emma Colohan
Simmonds Robert Donnelly
Charlotte Alexandra Clatworthy
Ray Donovan William Armstrong
Tchorek Radeck Belchnerowski
Mary Nelson Fiona Button
Mr Cranston David Ryan
George Gibson Paul Benzing
Dr Trevelyan Andrew Bennett
Student Jodie Hay
Headmaster Daniel Hill
MI5 guard Mark Huberman
American major Karl Shiels
Director Andy Hay
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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