World Without End

World Without End

Series 1 - Episode 5



Apparently, when you caught bubonic plague in medieval Europe, you could be chatting away happily, carousing at a feast, say, and then suddenly – he-hem! – out of the blue you’d start coughing up blood and a look of horror would cross your face.

That sort of thing happens to a string of characters tonight as “the great mortality” reaches Kingsbridge and a terrible pestilence descends on the script. Lively plotting gives way to groaning and misery as the bodies pile up and the make-up department has a field day. Wicked prior Godwyn argues the disease is God’s punishment. Merthin suggests using linen masks. And Charlotte Riley as Caris continues to act with such quiet intensity, taking the tosh with complete seriousness, that she saves the day.


After his wife and child die from the pandemic sweeping across Europe, Merthin returns from Italy and urges Caris to elope with him, but she refuses. The Plague hits Kingsbridge and Godwyn is so terrified he sneaks out of the priory, taking most of the monks and treasure with him. Convinced she is dying, a scarred and vengeful Petranilla sends Roland a rose contaminated with her infected blood.

Cast & Crew

Petranilla Cynthia Nixon
Sir Thomas Langley Ben Chaplin
Caris Wooler Charlotte Riley
Gwenda Nora von Waldstatten
Ralph Fitzgerald Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Queen Isabella Aure Atika
Sir Roland Peter Firth
Godwyn Rupert Evans
Merthin Fitzgerald Tom Weston-Jones
Wulfric Tom Cullen
Philippa Sarah Gadon
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Jonas Bauer
Executive Producer David W Zucker
Executive Producer Rola Bauer
Executive Producer Tim Halkin
Executive Producer John Weber
Writer John Pielmeier
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