If Not for You

Series 27 - Episode 22 If Not for You



“I think he’s a showboater,” snorts Zoe when the new locum finally arrives. It’s Martin “Ash” Ashford, whom regulars will know was a charge nurse 17 years ago. Now a doctor, he bursts into Resus barking orders and, although none of the staff knows who he is, they meekly do what they’re told. Which is just as well because he makes several clever diagnoses before the shift is over.

“It’s a fine line between brilliant and reckless,” says Zoe. He could be just the shot in the arm Casualty needs.


A familiar face arrives at Holby City as Charlie's former nursing deputy Ash, now qualified as a doctor, rejoins the team as a locum - and finds himself forced to hit the ground running after being tasked to treat a patient with suspected rabies. Meanwhile, Aoife is forced to take control of her private life when ex-boyfriend Craig turns up. Patrick Robinson and Derek Thompson star.
Drama Soap