Great Night Out

Great Night Out

Series 1 - Episode 5



On top of the increasingly good main cast, we get a gift-box of guest stars this episode: Keith Allen, Kevin Eldon and Phil Cornwell all drop by – enough comic talent to power a series on their own. Allen plays a mad comedy farmer (with shotgun and ukulele) in whose field our bunch of friends go to camp. And as his saucy daughter, it’s a barely recognisable Sophia Di Martino (Polly from Casualty). She coaxes Beggsy into an assignation in the hay-barn that could be a mistake.

Meanwhile, Glyn is on a promise with Julie, which in this sort of show means everything that can go wrong, will. It’s lovably silly, knockabout farce and it puts a smile on your face.


The ways of women continue to confuse and confound the lads, with Colleen's frisky behaviour leaving Daz with some difficult questions to ask himself. Beggsy fares better in romance as he catches up with what he has been missing out on in the single life, while conflict looms for Hodge and Kath when their weekend away is interrupted by a few unexpected visitors. With Keith Allen (Robin Hood).

Cast & Crew

Beggsy William Ash
Hodge Lee Boardman
Glyn Craig Parkinson
Daz Stephen Walters
Kath Rebekah Staton
Julie Christine Bottomley
Colleen Naomi Bentley
Warren Ricky Tomlinson
Mrs B Susie Blake
Tonky Phil Cornwell
Norman Kevin Eldon
Ginny Christine Kavanagh
Mabel Sophia Di Martino
Farmer Keith Allen
Director Iain B MacDonald
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Mark Bussell
Executive Producer Justin Sbresni
Producer Pat Lees
Producer Angela Sinden
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Writer Steve Turner
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