How to Build a Bionic Man

How to Build a Bionic Man


“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology...” The opening words from The Six Million Dollar Man have come to life with a vengeance of late with big advances in robotics and prosthetics.

For this remarkable documentary, a young Swiss psychologist called Bertolt discovers the results: how the US military has put vast sums into developing artificial limbs; how there is now a range of replacement organs. A blind woman has an imaging chip implanted in her retina, and soon there may be other chips to improve memory for those with dementia.

These dazzling developments meet in the story of a robot constructed from many parts to be like Bertolt – with emotional results for him.


From prosthetic arms and legs to artificial organs, science is beginning to catch up with sci-fi in the race to replace body parts with man-made alternatives. Psychologist Bertolt Meyer, who has a bionic hand himself, meets scientists working at the cutting-edge of research to find out just how far this new technology can go, while a team creates a complete `bionic man' for the first time, using state-of-the-art limbs and organs borrowed from some of the world's leading laboratories and manufacturers.
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