The Planners

Series 1 - Episode 2

Friday 1:45pm - 2:45pm BBC Two


This fascinating series shows, in a gentle, British sort of way, how the planning process pits interest groups against each other; how what to a developer is a perfectly reasonable proposal to build much-needed new housing in a Cotswold town can – for locals – become a Philistine assault on a beloved field. Or how a Grand Designs-style home can represent an eruption of boxy modernism to neighbours who treasure their view. And adjudicating between them are the elected local councillors, who all seem to be greying, grim-faced men.

We meet the developers and protestors, get both sides of every case and try to guess who’ll win. It’s a great spectator sport.


An application to erect a shed to accommodate 169,000 chickens faces huge opposition in the Scottish Borders, while a Cheshire enforcement officer takes drastic action against a man who has been dumping rubbish in his garden for more than 20 years. In Gloucestershire, residents fight a proposal to build new homes on an ancient field near the heart of their village, and a couple's dream to construct a modern house in a conservation area hangs in the balance. Barbara Flynn narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Barbara Flynn
Series Director Nick Mattingly
Series Producer Dympna Jackson