Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 16



A soldier in full uniform marches into Waterloo Road. It’s former pupil Bolton Smilie, but while some teachers welcome him with open arms, Grantly Budgen is as suspicious as always. Bolton has been fighting in Afghanistan, so Michael Byrne thinks it’d be great for him to give an inspirational talk to the pupils. It’s not one of his better ideas, although Rhiannon, still smarting from Barry’s shabby treatment of her, takes a shine to the good-looking squaddie.

It’s a downbeat edition that’s enlivened by the discovery that Audrey likes to don scarlet high heels and go salsa dancing. I knew there was more to her than meets the eye.


Former pupil Bolton Smilie causes a stir when he turns up at the school in his army uniform, prompting Lorraine to rope him into giving a motivational speech to the sixth-formers. But it's clear his mind is elsewhere and as he tries to confide in Tom, Barry makes a shocking discovery in the ex-pupil's rucksack. Arsonist Connor is back at school, prompting Kacey and Dynasty to plot their revenge, while Imogen realises she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, despite his causing her disfigurement.