Two Girls, One Code

Series 4 - Episode 3 Two Girls, One Code



A pushy magazine journalist wants an interview with Alicia Florrick, hot-shot lawyer and wife of governor-candidate Peter Florrick. Or rather she “wants some face time with Alicia”, a sentence that exists only in the minds of people who write dialogue for magazine journalists in TV dramas. The reporter claims to have evidence of wrongdoing that could torpedo Peter’s campaign.

But Alicia is busy with a knotty civil court case involving a couple of bankrupted internet start-up novices. They claim they’ve been driven out of business after they were ruthlessly dropped right down the rankings of a search engine. It sounds dull but it’s not, because this is The Good Wife, the classiest US import on British television.


Will and Alicia represent two entrepreneurs who are suing a search-engine company accused of manipulating its results in favour of businesses that pay for advertising. Meanwhile, Eli discovers that a journalist writing a high-profile article about the Florricks is going to reveal evidence of a new affair.