Storyville: Death on the Staircase - The Last Chance

Storyville: Death on the Staircase - The Last Chance



The true story of author and failed politician Michael Peterson is worth 20 fictional crime dramas. Convicted of bludgeoning his wife Kathleen to death at their palatial North Carolina home in 2003, Peterson maintains she fell down the stairs accidentally – a story his dedicated lawyer and the majority of his children and (tacitly) this film believe.

Could the wounds to her skull have been caused by a tumble? You’ll make your decision early on, but then reconsider as it emerges that there is much more to the case. After a gripping first half the revelations peter out slightly as we approach Peterson’s 2011 bid for a retrial, but even then the film is a thoughtful portrait of how many people are affected by an apparently unjust verdict.


Documentary examining the story of wealthy novelist Michael Peterson who was convicted of killing his wife Kathleen in 2003. Directed by Oscar-winner Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, the film follows Peterson's bid for a retrial after revelations emerged about the prosecution's evidence.