Danny Baker's Great Album Showdown


Series 1 - Episode 1 Rock



Who doesn’t enjoy blethering about music? Genial music oracle Danny Baker marshals just such a discussion between the never knowingly under-opinionated Jeremy Clarkson, producer Stephen Street and journalist Kate Mossman.

Their lively but never heated discourse takes in everything from Zappa to Zeppelin and Bowie to Rundgren, and is jumbled with lovely mini-docs on imports and attitude, cover art and sub-genre. But which do they consider the finest vinyl rock albums and why? Not telling, but Clarkson’s choices are eminently guessable, and I love Baker’s chummy endorsement of them: “Well done for not trying to be arch.”


In a celebration of the analogue vinyl LP, the presenter and contributors including Martin Freeman and Boy George choose their favourite records of yesteryear from different genres, beginning with rock. In the first edition, Danny is joined by broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson, former Smiths producer Stephen Street and writer Kate Mossman. As well as selecting their most-loved albums of the 1960s and 70s, they discuss how the LPs of those years were produced and enjoyed in comparison to their modern equivalents.
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