One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 6



There was a nationwide baby boom last September and the maternity unit
at Leeds General Infirmary was frequently so busy, they had to send the overspill to a neighbouring hospital. Midwife Theresa reckons it’s because of the recession (people don’t go out on a Saturday night so much) and because of Fifty Shades of Grey. “That’s had a big impact,” she says, quite seriously.

Not that either are necessarily the reason Natalie, Kate and Rachel are pregnant. But it does mean last-minute changes in birth plans: Kate is concerned her planned caesarean won’t go ahead, while Rachel’s dreams of a water birth are likely to be dashed.


The midwives at Leeds General Infirmary deal with a September baby boom and have to send some of the expectant mothers to St James's Hospital across the city, which means a last-minute change to birth plans for those affected, like first-time mum Rachel. Natalie and Shane also have to be transferred to a different maternity unit, while Kate and David experience a long wait for her Caesarean due to the number of emergency cases going to theatre.

Cast & Crew

Director Lottie Gammon
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director Emily Smith
Series Producer Dominique Foster