The Trinity

Series 5 - Episode 1 The Trinity



Vampire Hal is at his wit’s end. OK, he’s tied to a chair, but it’s not because he needs blood that he’s despairing. No, it’s the mess he’s forced to witness in front of him as dogged (sorry) werewolf Tom and irritable ghost Alex have let the housekeeping at Honolulu Heights slide…

Creator Toby Whithouse has performed nothing short of a miracle in keeping the Being Human story going after the loss of his original cast. The chemistry between the three leads – Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken – positively crackles, the humour that characterised the show’s early series is pushed to the fore, and there’s a whole new world of trouble for our trio to deal with. Who is that grumpy Captain Hatch swearing up a storm in the Grand Barry Hotel? And the agency that watches over supernatural activity? Austerity threatens. A storming return to form.


In the aftermath of the clash with the Old Ones, Alex begins to adjust to her new existence as a ghost. Hal struggles with withdrawal symptoms as he tries to kick the blood habit, but having been fired from the cafe, both he and Tom need to find new jobs. However, taking up positions at Barry's Grand Hotel brings them into contact with Captain Hatch, an unpleasant pensioner whose decrepit appearance belies an even darker secret. Supernatural comedy drama, starring Kate Bracken, Michael Socha and Damien Molony, with guest Phil Davis.

Cast & Crew

Alex Kate Bracken
Tom Michael Socha
Hal Damien Molony
Mr Rook Steven Robertson
Captain Hatch Phil Davis
Crumb Colin Hoult
Patsy Claire Cage
Alistair Frith Toby Whithouse
Lady Catherine Victoria Ross
Martin Wayne Cater
Emil Jeremy Swift
Sophie Non Haf
Hetty Madeleine Harris
Director Philip John
Producer Polly Buckle
Writer Toby Whithouse
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