The Crime Wave at Blandings

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Crime Wave at Blandings



Singer Paloma Faith guest-stars as Georgia, a grating cockney showgirl brought to Blandings by cockscomb-haired idiot Freddie. Georgia takes an instant shine to clenched butler Beach, who’s terrified.

Guy Andrews’s adaptations of PG Wodehouse’s stories have come in for flak from some viewers for being empty piffle, shorn of Wodehouse’s wit. They have a point, and it’s hard to see who the stories are aimed at. Still, Blandings fills a need for a bit of nonsense on a Sunday afternoon, where it’s won audiences of more than five million. So there are many people who will doubtless enjoy David Walliams’s return as fussy secretary Baxter.


The tranquillity of castle life is threatened by the return of no-nonsense secretary Baxter, hired as a holiday tutor to young George. So when he tries to weasel his way back into permanent employment, the earl shoots him down - quite literally. Meanwhile, Freddie turns up at Blandings with beguiling dancer Georgia, who takes a fancy to Beach. Upper-class comedy, starring Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders and Mark Williams, with guest appearances from David Walliams and Paloma Faith.

Cast & Crew

Clarence Timothy Spall
Connie Jennifer Saunders
Beach Mark Williams
Freddie Jack Farthing
George Oscar Lloyd
Georgia Paloma Faith
Baxter David Walliams
Director Paul Seed
Producer Spencer Campbell
Writer Guy Andrews
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