Danny Baker's Great Album Showdown


Series 1 - Episode 2 Pop



Experts thumbing through the golden age of the pop LP are the no-introduction-needed Boy George, Independent columnist Grace Dent and former magazine editor David Hepworth. Bowie, Bolan and Blondie feature heavily, but there’s scope for the leftfield, too: Danny Baker, without irony and unprompted, recites the lyrics of a Gilbert O’Sullivan song that will bring a lump to your throat. But which revered titles will end up on the “Wall of Sound”?

It’s all hugely subjective, of course – one person’s Pet Sounds is another’s Crazy Frog – but the important thing is not the destination but the journey. It’s an engaging format for a show (the last one, on R&B, is tomorrow), but
let’s have some more!


Singer Boy George, writer Grace Dent and journalist David Hepworth join Danny to celebrate the golden age of the vinyl LP. They also explore their favourite pop albums and discuss the production of the 1960s and 70s records, comparing how enthusiasts from the analogue generation compare to today's music-lovers.
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