The Future

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Future



David Attenborough sounds genuinely and unusually emotional as he sits with a baby rhino and warns us about the potential future for Africa’s wildlife, how it matters now more than ever.

It’s part of a moving coda to a final programme all about African conservation efforts. At the very end, there’s an extraordinary scene where Attenborough gets down on his hands and knees to commune with the young rhino – it emits little high-pitched cries and the great naturalist calls back – which will have the nation collectively tearing up.

But before that the programme is packed with tales of grass-roots conservation efforts – and statistics that detail why they’re needed. For instance, there has been a 3,000 per cent increase in rhino poaching in the last five years: one is killed every day.


David Attenborough describes some of the present and future challenges faced by the continent's wildlife, including the realities of rhino poaching and the impact of human encroachment on elephants' natural habitat. In Kenya, he meets a young rhinoceros named Elvis, who has had his horn removed to ward off the threat of hunters, while in Mozambique, cameras capture the efforts of an ambitious team of scientists trying to determine whether the Gorongosa National Park can, once again, become a haven for wild animals after the ravages of civil war. Cameras also observe the Maasai warriors, who have become lion guardians, and witness the efforts of conservationists on the tropical east coast.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Mike Gunton
Producer Kate Broome
Series Producer James Honeyborne
Documentary Nature