Out of Jail and on the Streets

Out of Jail and on the Streets


A probation officer sits with a middle-aged paedophile who has been released from prison under licence. The man was jailed after being found guilty of abusing a girl since she was 11. The probation officer feels that the paedophile is in denial about the nature of the abusive relationship because he’s using words such as “love” and “affair”.

It’s one of many illuminating moments in a fascinating film about Britain’s public protection teams – probation officers who monitor, control and, if possible, rehabilitate some of the system’s most difficult, damaged and dangerous people. They can also return offenders to prison if they breach licence conditions.


Documentary following the work of probation officers, using personal testimony to explore how they monitor some of society's most troubled, damaged and dangerous offenders while trying to rehabilitate them. The programme examines how officers from the Surrey and Sussex Probation Service, including Mark Burden, Liz Carter, Linda Kelly and Rick Bridger, control these individuals - and try to ensure the public's protection.