Series 1 - Episode 1 Missing



You might remember Lapland from Christmas 2011, a broad, brash one-off comedy about a noisily argumentative northern family who make a mishap-filled festive trip to, yes, Lapland. There wasn’t an awful lot to it, so it’s a surprise to see this unimaginative six-part spin-off starring Sue Johnston as matriarch Eileen Lewis, a widow who refuses simply to spend her life reheating microwave meals for one as she waits for death.


Domestic sitcom following the close-knit Lewis family, originally featured in the 2011 Christmas comedy drama Lapland and now the subject of a six-part series. Sue Johnston heads the cast as widowed matriarch Eileen, who is determined to live life to the full, even if she does find Birkenhead rather less inspiring than the spectacular vistas of the frozen north. Panic sets in when Eileen goes missing, so daughter Paula frantically organises a search. Elizabeth Berrington, William Ash, Julie Graham and Dean Andrews co-star.

Cast & Crew

Eileen Lewis Sue Johnston
Paula Cooper Elizabeth Berrington
Ray Cooper William Ash
Mandy Lewis Julie Graham
Pete Lewis Dean Andrews
Executive Producer Pete Thornton
Producer Rosemary McGowan
Writer Michael Wynne
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