Intelligent Design - Part One

Series 7 - Episode 5 Intelligent Design - Part One



Robbie Lewis, now wrapped in a comforting blanket of love, is wearing casual plaid shirts and learning to roast a chicken – surely signs of a man at ease with himself. He’s even sprucing up his bachelor pad with new cushions, though his inamorata Laura the nice pathologist doesn’t seem the sort of woman to adore a man for his interior design skills.

But now that Laura holds his heart in her hands (not literally, of course), Lewis has become wistful as his thoughts turn away from his job and to more personal matters. Upsetting family news leads him to broach the “R” word with Hathaway and his boss. But it’s not the end yet; an eminent scientist is murdered – and there are plenty of hostile suspects.


Part one of two. After seven years of ducking the issue, Lewis and Hobson are embarking on a relationship, but the detective also has a new case to solve. Elderly don Richard Seager is murdered on the night of his release from prison, having served a sentence for causing death by dangerous driving. Crushed by a classic car, Seager mysteriously scratched the number 500 into its paintwork before his demise, and the academic's wife suspects a member of his victim's family is responsible for the killing. With Stephen Churchett, Alison Steadman and Edward Fox.