Mr Selfridge

Series 1 - Episode 5



Cometh the hour, cometh the flashback. Every major TV character has to have a giddy moment when he or she is filmed from weird angles as a buried moment from childhood rears up from the depths of a damaged soul. And so it is with Harry Selfridge, who is tormented by thoughts of his father after riding to young shopgirl Agnes’s rescue. Her wasteful dad (Nick Moran) has, she thinks, ruined her career, but not if kindly Mr S has anything to do with it. What a caring employer; if only he were as a good a husband. Just look at Mrs Selfridge, humiliated in her home by coke-head Ellen Love.


Harry delights in a new car brought in for a window display, but after a confrontation with Rose, who has received a visit from his mistress Ellen Love, he hits rock bottom, drinking and reliving a traumatic childhood memory as he drives the vehicle into the night. Meanwhile, Agnes falls out with Victor when she returns to Selfridges, although Henri is pleased to see her again. Period drama, starring Jeremy Piven.

Cast & Crew

Harry Selfridge Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae Katherine Kelly
Ellen Love Zoe Tapper
Frank Edwards Samuel West
Henri Leclair Gregory Fitoussi
Roddy Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Agnes Aisling Loftus
Reg Towler Nick Moran
George Towler Calum Callaghan
Mr Grove Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Mardle Amanda Abbington
Mr Crabb Ron Cook
Lois Selfridge Kika Markham
Victor Trystan Gravelle
Kitty Amy Beth Hayes
Doris Lauren Crace
Alf Christian Patterson
Sam Alexander Cobb
Tony Travers Will Payne
Fraser Malcolm Rennie
Rosalie Selfridge Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge Freya Wilson
Gordon Selfridge Adam Wilson
Beatrice Selfridge Raffey Cassidy
Miss Blenkinsop Deborah Cornelius
Miss Ravillous Anna Madeley
Mr Perez Timothy Watson
Young Harry Michael Peter Willis
Mrs Payne Kim Barry
Harry's father Brendan Gibson
American boy Jude Willoughby
American woman Sam Battersea
Director Anthony Byrne
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
Executive Producer Andrew Davies
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer Chrissy Skinns
Producer Jeremy Piven
Producer Carmel Maloney
Writer Kate Brooke
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