Series 2 - Episode 4



Stella herself is hardly in it this episode – the ensemble is good enough to take the strain. Paul Kaye joins as a Dutch new age therapist who soon has half of Pontyberry sitting in a semi-circle listening to Tubular Bells. Once Dai Davies has put his pasty away and Auntie Brenda has shut up, top of the agenda is asking the universe to put the other Dai back on terms with his disaffected wife.

As Dai, Owen Teale is brilliant at both drunken self-pity and, in the therapy session, gushy optimism.


Emma and Sunil kiss and make up, but if Leah has anything to do with it the young couple may not be playing happy families for long. Dai's hopes of a quick marital fix also look bleak when Paula considers turning her night away from home into a permanent arrangement, and Alan is heartbroken to discover the rugby club is closing down. Luckily for the troubled residents of Pontyberry, help is at hand in the shape of Dutch life coach Peschman (Paul Kaye), who has some wise words of guidance and a unique form of therapy.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Sean Kenny Doughty
Emma Catrin Stewart
Rob Mark Lewis Jones
Luke Craig Gallivan
Ben Justin Davis
Dai Owen Teale
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Alan Steve Speirs
Karl Julian Lewis Jones
Nadine Karen Paullada
Sunil Rory Girvan
Bobby Aled Pugh
Aunty Brenda Di Botcher
Peschman Paul Kaye
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