Legacy - Part Two

Series 16 - Episode 8 Legacy - Part Two



Thank heavens for the multi-tasking forensic pathologists of the Lyall Centre. Without Harry, Nikki and Jack, the new fella, none of us could sleep safely in our beds. This questing trio interfere in areas where they’ve no business interfering, while putting themselves and others at huge risk to protect all of us from shadowy forces and wrongdoing.

They don’t simply carve up bodies; they incur the wrath of the Army as they nose around a restricted area (Leo and Jack) and do the police’s jobs for them. A supine detective actually says, “Sure, be my guest,” when Leo asks to interview a suspect. But Leo gets too close to the truth and, of course, the establishment wants to see him fail.


Part two of two. Leo finally finds someone to confirm his fears about a local health hazard, only for his informant to be murdered soon after. As he continues to dig, he begins to suspects Nikki's new lover James - and his belligerent father Sir William Embleton - may be embroiled in a 50-year-old government cover-up, leaving him battling alone to expose the truth and save more lives. Crime drama, starring William Gaminara, Emilia Fox, David Caves and Ed Stoppard.

Cast & Crew

Prof Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Dr Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Jack Hodgson David Caves
Clarissa Mullery Liz Carr
DI Bob Cherry David Westhead
Derren Blackburn James Burrows
Brian Blackburn Wayne Foskett
Sir William Embleton Richard Johnson
David Loader Cal MacAninch
Tom Hancock Mark Womack
Lord James Embleton Ed Stoppard
George Ryder Tim Preece
Alison Ryder Teresa Banham
Kristen Velile Tshabalala
Jennifer Larsen Nicola Goodchild
Stella Hancock Adie Allen
Agency nurse Anna Jaskolka
Director David Richards
Producer Sharon Bloom
Writer Stephen Gallagher
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