Ancient Triangle

Series 14 - Episode 174 Ancient Triangle



An elderly patient gets a second chance at love when a man whose proposal she turned down 50 years earlier returns from Australia, and Mrs Tembe interrogates Rob when he suggests a replacement for the departing vicar.

Meanwhile, Sam Reid (Grant Masters) is insisting he would be better off dead despite Emma’s arguments that there are plenty of others in worse situations who’ve found meaning and hope in their lives. “Bully for them,” he snaps. “It’s not how I want to live.” Yet later in the day when he’s calmed down, he announces that he’s going to be more positive and enjoy being a family. What’s going on?


Emma and Chris try to make Sam feel better while Rob is interrogated by Mrs Tembe about a potential new vicar, and an elderly patient of Kevin's is given a second chance at love. Medical drama, starring Dido Miles and Nathan Wright.