Legacy - Part One

Series 16 - Episode 7 Legacy - Part One



Professor Leo Dalton must be some kind of superhero because he’s always in the right place at exactly the right time. At the start of tonight’s episode he’s at the opening of a new ward at a hospital. Upstairs a blankly despairing dad, brandishing a shot gun, sits by his dying son’s bedside and switches off the boy’s life support machine before demanding Dalton comes to see him.

Thus begins another thickly bleak mystery involving suggestions of a conspiracy between shadowy establishment figures and a burglar, trapped in an attic, who starves to death. As ever, the pathologists become involved in ways that should not concern them.


Part one of two. The discovery of a teenager's remains halts an eco-housing project, putting Nikki and Jack under pressure to help solve the mystery so construction can continue - and leading to an unexpected romance for Nikki. Meanwhile, Leo is caught up in a dangerous hospital siege when distraught father Tom Hancock holds a ward at gunpoint, insisting his terminally ill son's life-support is switched off. Emilia Fox, William Gaminara and David Caves star, with Mark Womack and Ed Stoppard.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Prof Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Jack Hodgson David Caves
Clarissa Mullery Liz Carr
Colin Connor Josef Altin
DI Bob Cherry David Westhead
Tom Hancock Mark Womack
Dr Sanjit Jumani Pasha Bocarie
Lord James Embleton Ed Stoppard
Peter Hancock Jake Arrowsmith
Kristen Velile Tshabalala
Sir William Embleton Richard Johnson
Stella Hancock Adie Allen
Brian Blackburn Wayne Foskett
Derren Blackburn James Burrows
David Loader Cal MacAninch
George Ryder Tim Preece
Alison Ryder Teresa Banham
Duty nurse Syreeta Kumar
Tactical support leader Paul Bridle
Armed officer Scott Lane
Agency nurse Anna Jaskolka
Company commander Kevin McGowan
Director David Richards
Producer Sharon Bloom
Writer Stephen Gallagher
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