Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 15



Your school days are meant to be the best days of your life. But although some of the kids are having a laugh, it’s no fun being a teacher at Waterloo Road School. Connor confesses that he was the arsonist who caused Imogen’s scars; the Barry family add something illegal to the brownies Sonia’s making in honour of a rugby star’s visit; and Kevin hacks into Chalky’s computer where he discovers that his foster parent’s real name is Gareth Dinsdale.

But what murky secret is Chalky hiding? “Oh great! This day just gets better and better!” mutters head teacher Michael Byrne as he lurches from one crisis to another.


Kevin discovers files on Chalky's computer suggesting he has a secret identity - but when he confronts his foster father, the boy is left confused and more suspicious than ever. Imogen is still reeling from Connor's confession about the fire and demands he come clean to Michael, while Barry realises he is being kept apart from his sisters and takes revenge by spiking Sonya's home baking with marijuana - buns that are intended for celebrity guest Austin Healey, who is arriving for the inter-school robot competition.